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Leslie Lloyd

With a background in Anthropology (BA UCLA, 1988), I completed a graduate degree in Art, Studio Arts, Painting (MA, 2010, CSUN). In my current work I capture the forces of life which create and sustain vegetation and flora, and in concert with weather patterns, generate agricultural cycles as well as sustain wild lands.

As a hiker, I practice visual memorization of my surroundings while also composing with a camera in order to combine memory with imagination in the studio. Influenced by direct visual observation of dramatic changing weather, the flourishing and fallowing of the fields over time, and the ebb and flow of the ocean, I am interested in the energetic phenomenon of the life-cycle, and hope that mystical dimension imbues my work.

Monoprints are made with oil-based ink applied to plexiglass with a scraping tool. After the paper has been laid on the plexiglass, I run it through an electric press to create a unique singular image on BFK Reeves paper. Paintings are oil on hand-stretched canvas made with brush, palette knife and brayer.

In addition to my studio practice, I have served as Art Department faculty at California State University Channel Islands since 2013. With approximately 100 students per semester, I teach a variety of studio arts courses designed to enhance the creative experience, particularly for students who believe they are “not artistic.”

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