Leslie Lloyd

With a background in Anthropology, and Folklore and Mythology (BA, Anthropology, UCLA, 1988), I completed an MA in Art, (MA, Art, Studio Arts, Painting, CSUN, 2010).


In my current work I capture the forces of life which create and sustain vegetation and flora, and which, with weather patterns, generate agricultural cycles as well as sustain wild lands. Influenced by direct visual memory observing dramatic changing weather and watching the fields continually transform as they flourish and fallow, I am interested in the energetic phenomenon of the life-cycle, and hope that mystical dimension imbues my work. Paintings are oil on canvas made with brush, palette knife and brayer.


The monoprint series continues my pursuit of states of consciousness evoking memory. These current selections are inspired by the beautiful agricultural area where I live and work. My days are imprinted with evidence of crop cycles and constantly changing, continually transforming landscape. The monoprints are made by applying oil-based ink to plexiglass with a scraping tool. After the paper has been laid on the glass, I run it through a press to create a unique singular image on BFK Reeves Paper.